Ungamorous Indie Rock & Roll

Miserably Unmotivated by SIBERIANDIVIDE
Miserably Unmotivated, a photo by SIBERIANDIVIDE on Flickr.
They were both gloomy singer-songwriters at the time, hitting the indie bar scene every now and then but unable to make the next big move, deemed as more of a recycled shit than a brand new one – you know the kind. One night, standing desperately at the porch of a house, whereabouts of which was a mystery to either of them, “Looking for a new place to begin, feeling like it’s hard to understand.” Alex uttered. Gazing emptily as is always the case with him, Jeff continued: “Can't believe how strange it is to be anything at all."

Not to anyone’s dismay, both lines turned into beautiful songs later on during their careers and have, in fact, made it to thousands of Facebook status updates. Yet, the former still keeps looking and, the other, gazing.

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